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Propagation of roses by stenting at 
Anton Verbeek New Roses International,  Holland
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This video show how Anton Verbeek New Roses International, a Dutch rose propagator, grafts roses using the technique of stenting: graft and root at the same time.

The scion, tops of the cuttings, and the root stock cuttings are selected and prepared.
They make a graft, joining the scion top and root stock using a simple splice graft. A spring loaded clip to holds the two parts together. Since the plant will be propagated in a greenhouse under environmental control they do not wrap the union.
The basal end of the root stock portion is dipped one inch into Rhizopon dry powder rooting hormone.
 The stent is planted with the basal end of the cutting in the soil having the union and scion top above the soil line. 

Two things happen at the same time:
The graft union between the scion top and root stock takes place
The rootstock develops roots.

How does it work?
The scion will first make a connection with the root stock then root formation starts.
The two functions do not occur at the same time. The stems and leaves do not have adequate carbohydrates to support both connection and root formation.
After the connection of the scion and root stock there is a new vascular system. 
Through photosynthesis the leaves manufacture natural root promoting hormones and carbohydrates. The leaf produced substances move through the vascular system to the basal end.

At the basal end the natural substances and applied Rhizopon rooting hormones work together to induce root formation!

Watch the movie closely. After the propagator has sterilized his tool he dips it in water. The water is in a reused Rhizopon rooting hormone container!

Video by: Anton Verbeek New Roses International

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